Kitchen Nook: Before and After

I'm slowly, but surely getting up pics of all our room transformations. I already showed you the kitchen makeover (sorry for the poor quality pics, I'll try and reshoot when we have a sunnier day, the lighting that day was definitely subpar), but didn't show you the kitchen nook portion. 

When we moved in, the kitchen nook area didn't really need any major renovations, just paint and new floors (we continued the hardwood throughout the entire house because we're obsessed). The kitchen nook was boring beige (you can also see that they had their dining room orange. It was one side orange dining room, one side orange pool-table room (you can see what I did to their orange pool-table room in my dining room makeover post). 

Here is the "Before" Picture:

We painted the kitchen nook area a shade of gray and put in new hardwood floors. Here is what it looks like now -

Overall, I love the new kitchen nook but of course I'm always looking to make tweaks to my decor selections, so I'm sure it will change again soon. LOL

Dramatic Before/After Shot:

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