Dining Room Makeover: Before And After

When we bought our house our current dining room was actually a pool table room.  It had some nasty beige berber carpeting and taupe and tan walls. There also was no actual wall separating the living/family room which is a full step higher, they were using a couch as the divider.
Since moving in, I've had a hard time fighting in many "this space should be a dining room" battles. And I've seen a few pool tables (with covers that could double as a dining room table), some pretty decent options - but they are hella expensive, more expensive than my table - so, for now, I get my dining room.
We added in a half-wall to separate the living/family room space up above from the dining/sunroom space down below. It seemed strange to be adding a wall when everyone is so obsessed with tearing down walls and creating open floor plans, but I wanted the dining room space to have a finished feel. Without the half-wall, we'd be staring at the back of our couch when sitting at the dining room table and I didn't like that idea.
I love our dining room now. What about you?

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  1. I love it. You did a great job and the added wall definitely completes the look!

  2. I adore it! Especially the dining table (is it from World Market? If so, so is mine!!) Thank you for sharing your before and after at the party this week! I am featuring it on my Facebook page and have pinned it to the You're Gonna Love It Tuesday board on Pinterest too :-)

  3. Hi Kathe! The table is so from World Market, so great we have similar taste!! Thanks for the shares and love!

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