Kitchen Redo

Our kitchen has been in the "work-in-progress" stage for awhile. When we moved in the kitchen was stuck in the 80's. Although my love for the 80's usually borders on obsessive, I don't want to actually live in the 80's.

Matt & I affectionately referred to the brick floor design in the kitchen as 'Burger King' floor. The brick was very reminiscent of the flooring we remember from Burger King restaurants during our childhood. Clearly, we both spent a lot of time at fast food establishments growing up, stop judging.

Shortly after we finally closed on the house we started renovation on the kitchen. The 'Burger King' floor was crazy hard to get rid but eventually we were able to continue the (love of my life) hardwood floors from the rest of the house into the kitchen. It's a beautiful thing.

The honey-oak colored cabinets were spray painted white and crown molding was added to the top of the cabinets to give them a modern finished look.

Just those changes alone made a huge difference!

Eventually, we replaced the vintage appliances with new shiny ones, cause we're super fancy. Although I've never had a gas range before so naturally I assume it's going to blow up every time I turn on a burner #babysteps

The new fridge didn't fit in the space we had (let's just say we probably could've found a fridge that did fit, but this particular one came in a package deal with a 'free' 60 flatscreen tv so Matt wasn't about to look anyplace else), so we just cut out the top cabinets and put a wine rack on top of the fridge. I have grand plans to someday put open shelfs up there with cute vintage knick knacks, but um, yeah, plans...

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