Am I glowing?

When you hear people talk about radiation they always talk about how quick the sessions are.

 "It takes longer to get undressed and situated on the table than it does to receive the actual radiation dose."

“15 minutes, a quick zap and you're out.”

That's what I had heard and that's what I was expecting. Honestly, though, I should've known it wouldn't be so smooth. My plan is "whole breast" with 3 radiation fields. My armpit and lymph node area is getting treated, as is my tumor bed (front of the breast) and my collarbone area (where any cancer cells that may have escaped are most likely to reside). So, my sessions took about 45 minutes, every day, for 33 sessions.

I was pretty worried about my skin, being super fair. I slathered on aquaphor 2-3 times a day. Like, seriously, slathered. I went through a 14 ounce jar a week. I did pretty well until around session 20, when I turned feeling crispy and my skin was pink. By my last day, I was experiencing what felt like the worst sunburn of my life. I’m hoping this is the worst it gets (apparently your skin “still cooks” for up to 2 weeks after treatment).

As I did when I underwent Chemo, I had some great doctors, nurses and technicians. Having a good technician is crucial, I learned. When you have an inexperienced one, it takes wayyyy longer to setup.    I wanted to say thank you, so I brought a treat on my last day. These, freaking adorable and crazy yummy cake pops, from MollyePops, were made in a variety of cancer ribbon colors. Everyone loved them!

I still have monthly injections to keep me in menopause and I start my daily hormone blocker soon, which I’ll take for 10 years. Next, I’ll meet with my plastic surgeon and see how we can move forward with reconstruction. First, we wait and see how my skin recovers from radiation.

I’m relieved this part of my treatment it over, as it marks a big change for me. Being done with active treatment means I’m now in remission. I DID IT!!!!

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