4th of July Front Door Decoration: DIY Project

My aunt asked me to make a door decoration for her and, coming from a long line of people-pleasing ladies, I obliged. I'm leaving today to go home for the 4th of July! Honestly, is there anything better on Earth than a Midwestern 4th of July?! Go "Merica!! 

Anyway, since I'm flying up there, I had to come up with something that would be easy to transport and I wanted something relatively easy to accomplish since I only had a few days. So, I decided on making a vintage-inspired (of course!) front door decoration using the first initial of her last name: "R". 

Vintage Inspired 4th of July Front Door Decoration:
- unfinished wooden letter(s)
- acrylic paint in desired colors (I selected red, white and blue)
- stencil (stars cause I'm not that talented to freestyle those!)
- mod podge
- paint brushes
- painter's tape
- burlap ribbon (for bows)

1.) Paint the unfinished wooden letter the desired background color (white for my project)
2.) After the first layer dries, outline the area you want to paint as the blue/stars (like the American flag, duh).
3.) Paint the taped off area the next color (blue) and let dry.  
4.) After the second area dries (the blue area) go ahead and start taping off your next section. This would be the red stripes of the flag design for my project.
5.) Paint the taped off area (red for my project) and let dry.
6.) Once the piece is dry, stencil in the white stars or any additional decor elements you want to add.
7.) Next, I lightly rubbed gray paint over the entire piece and quickly rubbed it off to give a distressed vintage-inspired look. 
8.) Next I sealed the entire piece with Mod Podge (my favorite stuff in the world!).
9.) Finally, I added burlap (staple gunned to the back) so that it could be hung on a door. I also added a fancy burlap bow to finish it off :)


  1. OBSESSED! I'm dying to make this!

  2. Um I need this NOW. I guess I'll wait until next year to pull out the crafts since I missed 4th of July! :(

  3. So cute, I want one! Have a great trip! :)

  4. What did you use to rub the gray paint off?

  5. what is the length of the burlap??

  6. I have my wooden 'F", paint and burlap ribbon and I'm ready do this. Very cute idea!

  7. For the grey paint, was that acrylic as well?

  8. I LOVE this!! Going to make one. Thank you for sharing exactly how to make it.

  9. I LOVE this!! Going to make one. Thank you for sharing exactly how to make it.