First week of Chemo

Dare I say, I’m feeling quite close to normal today. The nausea has subsided and that is something to be thankful for. 

No matter how close to normal as I feel, the fatigue is constant, definitely on par with first-trimester-of-pregnancy tired. A nap a day is required but when you’re a SAHM with a 3 year old who doesn’t nap, “rest hour” while watching Disney Junior becomes very important. 

The fatigue hit like a train wreck and the nausea was a beast on days 3 & 4. But, again, a big thank you to the doctors for prescribing wonderful meds. The meds make me drowsy but they keep the nausea as controlled as possible. Setting an alarm to get up and take meds in the middle of the night and having crackers, on the bedside table, to eat before getting up have helped with my nausea as well. 

Our house is trashed and the baskets are overflowing with toys that don’t belong there, because all I have energy to do is throw them in the damn basket. The toilets need cleaned. The laundry needs to be put away (although, in all honesty, that’s not new). “The Moms” (my mom and Matt’s mom) gifted us some sessions with a maid service, which starts Friday. Halle-fucking-lujah!

I still have my hair, for now. We’re on day 6 and I was told it usually falls out between days 10 and 14. I ordered 4 scarves and 3 beanies (is that excessive?), it’s one for everyday, which made sense to me. I think insurance covers a wig, with a prescription, so I’m gonna bring that up next week with my Oncologist.

I haven’t had to rock the face mask yet, but I will at Oliver’s 18 month well visit next week. I haven’t felt particularly brave yet, but I think stepping foot inside a pediatrician’s office with a weak immune system is brave. Not wearing a mask, would be stupid. So, naturally, I ordered a couple washable cutesy face masks on Etsy. Which took me down the custom graphic tee rabbit hole, where I found this. Clearly, I needed it too.

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  1. Get your "brother do" list ready. We're coming for you in a couple of months! If there's one person who will GLADLY join you in nap time, it's Uncle Neil. Further, if there's one person who LOVES organizing (hello, Monica Geller), it's Aunt Reece. If I need to pack a label maker, let me know. XOXOXO