Cancer Journey: Update

It was another busy week, but I don't feel like I'm any more informed. Just more testing...

December 31: we got home from NYC for NYE (which is also Matt's Birthday). It was also, MRI day.

January 1: tried to have a chill, relaxing New Year's

January 2: CT Scan and Bone Scan day. What would have been an easy. painless procedure wasn't so great due to an inexperienced aide who could not find an adequate vein (which was needed for the contrast dye injection). He stabbed me FOUR times before finally giving up and calling in the IV Team. They came over with a fancy ultrasound machine to locate a vein.

January 3: met with the Plastic Surgeon and discussed my reconstruction options. So, remember, I'm losing one boob regardless. So, now I decide if I want to get rid of both and proceed with reconstruction on both. OR, do I have a mastectomy on just one boob and reconstruct it. I had so many questions but ultimately, my expectations were placed into realistic territory and I realized we're talking about reconstructed boob mounds, without nipples. Yeah, for some reason I never thought about the nip and that it too would be gone. And that the scars we're talking about aren't the tiny cosmetic ones, they are the gnarly cancer surgery ones. Of course, my nipples would be something I need to consider. A reconstructed protruding "tip" or a 3D tattoo that looks like a nipple. But it didn't really matter, nipple decisions can wait. That would be like 3 surgeries and many months away. Basically, at this point all that I need to decide is one boob or two. And tissue expanders to make room for implants or do I want tissue taken from my stomach or thigh to be used to make my mound boob? FFS!

January 4: met with the genetic counselor and proceeded with the tests to see if I have the BRCA genes.

So, where are we a week later? I don't know. I don't know much more than I knew before. I'm awaiting test results from my MRI and CT/Bone scans. We're still crossing our fingers that the cancer hasn't spread to any lymph nodes or any place really. Once we know this information we can determine if I need any pre-op treatment (chemotherapy). AND we can finally schedule the mastectomy, where honestly I don't know if I will make the decision on one or two until the last possible second.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure it isn't easy. If you, Matt, or the kids need ANYTHING, let us know. We are only one direct flight away! Seriously, need the house cleaned? Need someone to push kids in a swing for 5, 6, 10 hours? WE LOVE YOU!