Mason Jar Gift: Scented Holiday Light

I love this project! It's super simple and it lasts from Fall all the way through the Holiday season, easily customizable for each occasion. Plus, it smells heavenly and that's a total bonus in my book!

1 Mason Jar
1 box of mini-christmas lights (I used white lights but any color would work)
Assorted ribbon (for each Holiday)
Scented potpourri (I used "Pumpkin Spice" and "Cinnamon Apple")

Choose a mason jar you love.
Take your mini-christmas lights out of the box and test to make sure they work.
Open up whichever scented potpourri you want to use (for Halloween and Thanksgiving I used the "Pumpkin Spice", for the Christmas jar I will switch it out to "Cinnamon Apple") and place a small amount into the mason jar. Begin adding your mini-christmas lights into the mason jar.
I used a layer method - a little potpourri, a couple lights, more potpourri, etc.
Once all the lights are inside the jar (along with plenty of potpourri) you'll have just a bit of the cord running out the back.

Choose a ribbon you want to embellish the jar with and tie it on - viola - instant mason jar holiday light! 
And once it has been plugged in for awhile the lights heat up the potpourri filling the room with the wonderful scent (don't worry, they aren't hot enough to cause a fire!).
I love the idea of giving this craft away as a gift as your recipient would get to use it whenever they want, just swapping out the ribbon (and possibly the potpourri) to customize for any Holiday.



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