Friday, October 17, 2014

IKEA Lamp Hack Tutorial

Awhile ago I purchased this lamp from IKEA for a corner in our family room that needed something. Once I got it home however, I was underwhelmed. In particular, I was definitely not a fan of how the cord just hung right in the middle of the lamp, making the entire thing look sloppy. I didn't know what to do with it. 
Then, I came up with the idea of covering the structure of the lamp with jute or nautical rope. It seemed like that would be an easy enough fix. Ha! I tried a few different types of nautical rope (which is the original look I was really going for, so I hung on to this idea for WAY too long before caving to defeat) but none of the ropes would adhere with hot glue OR they simply didn't bend in the manner in which I needed them to bend. Until I finally came across this 1 inch thick jute rope.
So, using my hot glue gun, I applied the jute rope around the lamp. Gluing each layer on top of the next all the way up.
I didn't realize that this would take awhile. Like days. Lol. I just kept doing it in stages when I had time and never seemed to get very far...
Finally, it was fully wrapped. I added a lampshade (also IKEA) and the lamp was done!

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