DIY Fall Popcorn Wreath

I'm seeing all the fall recipes and crafts appear all over social media and I want it to be Fall so badly, even though I know that Central Florida won't actually see any Fall-like weather until at least December/January.  What does this mean? It means I have a bad case of "Fall envy".

The only cure; jumping in and pretending it's Fall just like it is everywhere else. The first thing I wanted to do was make a Fall-themed wreath for the front door. I saw this tutorial for a popcorn Fall wreath and knew immediately that I would make one too!


Mod Podge (outdoor formula)
Burlap ribbon (2 colors)
Foam wreath
Popcorn kernels
Fall floral arrangement pieces
Hot glue/gun

1.) Use Mod Podge (any formula) to apply the burlap ribbon (or preferred fabric) to the foam wreath. Make sure to cover the entire wreath.
Don't worry if some places aren't perfect, it will add deminson and depth. 
2.) Switch to the Outdoor Mod Podge formula and apply the popcorn to the burlap covered wreath. Work in small sections and be prepared for it to take awhile. Seriously, a long while. It took approximately 4 episodes of Law and Order; SVU to finish. It probably wouldn't have taken that long if I hadn't been paying more attention to SVU than the wreath, but I digress...
3.) I did the top area first, then moved on to the center and sides. 
4.) I didn't bother with the backside, as it won't be seen once it's on the door, so...ain't nobody got time for that!
5.) Once the wreath was covered with popcorn I added some fall embellishments from the floral department of the craft store. Make it easy on yourself and use your hot glue gun for this step. 
6.) Then, I wanted to cover up the stems and gluey spots, so I whipped up a quick burlap "bow" and popped that on top of the stems.
7.) Next, I added some complimentary burlap near the top of the wreath, so I'd be able to hang it up easily.
8.) Finally, I gave the entire piece one final coat of Outdoor Mod Podge so that the Florida creatures didn't steal the popcorn. 
9.) Let the wreath dry and viola! Beautiful fall wreath!
DIY Fall Popcorn Wreath

Sharing this project through some amazing linkups. Be sure to check out Sugar Bee Crafts,  Funky Polkadot Giraffe, Kathe With an E, and Kim Six Fix for some awesome inspiration. Happy creating! 


  1. Soo FESTIVE, CUTE, GREAT, CLEVER, ETC!!! Love! I made a fall wreath last year and just pulled it out this weekend. A little extra (ok, a lot) hot glue and it was good as new. Now if only we could out of 90-100 degree weather.

    1. Thanks Reece! I wanna see your wreath!! And, one of these days we'll have Fall-like weather, right?!

  2. It turned out great! I didn't even know mod podge had an outdoor formula...good to know!

  3. Great idea. Very cute project. I'm ready for fall as well!