Wedding Memento Shadow-Box Project #DIY

I got married (err, we eloped in Vegas but it was more like a destination wedd-lopement) almost 4 months ago and I'm just now getting around to putting together my wedding shadow-box.

Making a shadow-box of mementos from a wedding is definitely not an original concept but it was totally something I was dying to do. I had kept the flowers from the wedding bouquets in glass in our hotel room for 3 days after our wedding and carefully packed them into my luggage to get them home for the purpose of making this shawdow-box, so it was going to happen. Eventually.

Once, I had the time to focus on it, the project was super easy and only took about an hour to finish.
Simply lay out the mementos you want to showcase (wedding invitations, announcements, gift bag items, flowers, etc.). inside the shadow-box.
Place the items in an arrangement you are happy with.
Secure the mementos to the shadow-box backing with push pins. I felt like going fancy, so I used the pearl tip push pins. LOL
I included items like a veil, the elopement announcement, a hair broach and a casino chip from the goodie bags our mothers made...
and of course the yellow roses from my bouquet!
Putting it all back into the shadow-box was the hardest part of the project. Little parts would fall onto the glass and my craft-induced OCD would go insane, but eventually it all worked out and I love my wedding shadow-box!


  1. It looks awesome Annie! Such a cute idea!

  2. This is adorable Annie! I absolutely love shadow boxes :)

  3. This is SO cute. I totally get what you mean about the little pieces falling into the glass, OMG it would drive me insane. I'm so anal about things like that!

  4. What a great way to preserve a wonderful day :)