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Each year I plan to slim down by Summer, but, um, well, Summer comes ridiculously early when you’re living in Florida. When pool-weather hits I’m still holding on to “Winter” weight (from possibly multiple “Winter” seasons, stop judging). 

I’ve spent some time in Las Vegas, South Florida and The Bahamas in recent months and let me tell you, the “pool scene” is enough to make anyone question their decision to wear a bikini in public. Each time I stuffed myself into my bikini, I was really kicking myself for not hoping on the “resolutions” bandwagon back in January and signing up for Nutrisystem!

And since pool season lasts until late October down here I have plenty of time to work on getting myself into tip-top “pool scene” shape. I’ll be ready just in time to pack on some “Winter” weight. It’s a vicious cycle. LOL

With the purchase of a 28-Day My Way® Program, customers can receive (depending on the promotion offered) our exclusive Nutrisystem Fast 5™ kit—created to help you jump-start your weight loss by helping you drop five pounds your very first week! With Fast 5™, you’ll receive:
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Once you've completed your first week with Fast 5™, you'll move on to following our primary Nutrisystem® My Way® Program for the next 28 days of your program.

Which means that within 33 Days I could be ready to flaunt my bikini body at any hip, happening “pool scene” I want! Thankfully though, I have no plans of going back to a raging "pool scene" anytime soon, I’ll leave that for the twenty-somethings! I will flop around in my bikini with the pride of a supermodel, float lazily on my raft and sip happily upon my adult beverages in the comfort of my backyard!

My stay-cation heaven:

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