"I Do" BBQ

When Matt and I decided to get married in Las Vegas we didn’t think many people would be able to join us, surprisingly a lot of people were! We were lucky enough to have a wonderful wedding in Vegas with family and friends in attendance, you can check out the blog post about it here. Matt lived in Salt Lake before moving here and many of his friends and family are still out West, so getting to Vegas was a much more attainable option for them. 

However, many of our Floridian friends couldn’t get there. And let’s be honest, we only gave people about a month’s notice prior to the wedding, so we weren’t expecting much. But, we did want to have a little party and celebrate. So, we decided to have an “I Do BBQ”. 

I worked with this wonderful woman via Etsy to create a custom wedding announcement and party invitation using images from our Vegas nuptials. I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with her, she was great! And the postcards (I also had her make custom “thank you” cards) turned out better than I even imagined! 

We had yummy options from 4 Rivers BBQ to munch on (if you’re not from the Central Florida area, you won’t understand, but down here 4 Rivers has a fanatical fan base for their food, I’ve never seen so many people willing to pledge their allegiance to BBQ with bumper stickers as there are in the Orlando area promoting “Peace, Love and 4Rivers”). 

The weather gods were not kind to us. We planned to have the whole thing in the backyard and I bought a bunch of yellow paper lanterns, balloons and other decorations that never made an appearance and no one was able to take a dip in the pool, but overall it was still a lovely affair. A bunch of our friends and family were able to make it out and we eventually started a bonfire in our fire pit and made some s’mores in between rain showers. 

Inside, I built a fun candy buffet, yellow and white themed of course, and managed to display my beloved 4 layer homemade snicker doodle cake (with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting)! I sprinkled in some other goodies, pictures of our wedding, yellow pinwheels, daisies and some adorable lovebirds. I think it turned out perfect! 

What do you think?


Personalized Mr. & Mrs. yellow & white M&M’s
Yellow gum balls
Yellow & White swirl lollipops
Yellow & White old fashioned candy sticks
Lemon Jolly Ranchers
Yellow frosted sugar cookies
Lemon buttercream mini cupcakes

Snicker doodle homemade cake

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