Vegas Baby

Matt and I aren’t really the type of people that want a lot of attention on us or made in our honor, so when we decided to get married, a quick trip to Las Vegas, was just our style. Once we made our mind up that we’d be getting hitched in Sin City and I went to town making it happen. 

I knew I wanted to try and have a somewhat normal wedding, taking out as much of the cheese-factor as possible. Which is hard, when trying to plan a wedding in Vegas! Luckily, my brother has lived in Las Vegas for the past several years so he had a lot of recommendations on venues and what to waste money on and what not to.

Neil (my brother) told me about this little chapel that was actually a historical landmark in Las Vegas (not something you find in Vegas very often!). The chapel had to keep it’s original charm and atheistic appeal in order to maintain it’s historical designation, so I knew it was going to be cute - and OhEmGee it was adorable!!! 

The Little Church of the West has actually been moved 3 times, they just keep picking it up and moving it someplace new whenever a new Casino or hotel needs to be built. It’s currently just down the street from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and Mandalay Bay (so naturally, we decided to stay at Mandalay). 

Once we had the venue booked (you can pick and reserve your packages and date/time online! MAJOR brownie points!!) I started to think about my dress. I knew I wanted to go with a knee-length, retro style dress and I knew that I didn't want to break the bank on this spur of the moment idea. Also, I had less than 2 months, so my options were limited. So, I took to the internet and found a dress I was absolutely in love with. I took a risk and ordered my dress online, it was nearly a disaster and a full blog post on that experience is coming soon!

Because I was going for a vintage chic vibe I decided I HAD to have a birdcage veil. I borrowed one from one of my favorite people and I think that made the day even more special!

The Little Church of the West really was a fantastic venue. I'll do a full review of that experience later, but just know that every single aspect of the ceremony was handled by them and 30 minutes after our nuptials, I already had all my photos!!

I'm also one of the luckiest people ever because of the family I married into. My new mother-in-law is simply the best! Her and my mother worked so hard to put together little gift boxes for out of town guests, worked with the baker my brother recommended to get a cake of my dreams and put together some beautiful table decorations for our dinner!

Overall, it couldn't have been more perfect! More detailed posts to come soon detailing specific vendors, moments and diy project tutorials! 

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