Welcome Home

After making the first offer in January, we finally have keys to the house!! 

I knew this house was the house the second we walked in. Matt had already looked at the place and was showing a slight interest in the place, at least enough interest to warrant a return visit. When we walked in the first thing you see is the view - a lake view to be exact! The house sits right on this tiny spring-fed lake, it's beautiful and peaceful - just 2 miles from downtown. Now, for transparency sake, the lake is nothing big enough for power boats or anything, but it is bigger than the retention ponds that command "lakefront lot" prices in the suburbs. Once I saw Matt's face looking at the view I knew he was home. 

7 months later, we're moving in! It's definitely a work in progress and the backyard sold the house for us (there's a pool back there too! eeeee!) but we couldn't be more excited to take on the project!

Welcome home!

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